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We are a small family of dynamic and aggressive attorneys. We embody the term “boutique law firm.” We are a specialty practice focusing on complex insurance coverage matters, significant construction defect claims, commercial litigation, significant injury, and professional liability and alternative dispute resolution.
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Depth of Understanding

Lether & Associates, PLLC is a boutique law firm with great depth of knowledge and experience.

Insurance Law

Lether & Associates devotes a significant portion of its practice to advising local and international insurers on coverage issues arising from both first party and third party claims.

Construction Law

Construction defect litigation is uniquely challenging due to its complexity and exposures. Our team has  embraced the challenges presented by these cases and we have time and time again achieved favorable results.

Commercial Litigation

Lether & Associates represents clients in all phases of litigation from the inception of a case throughout the appeal process.

Significant Injury Claims

Lether & Associates assists clients in property damage, catastrophic injury and death claims. This includes claims rising out of professional liability.

Dispute Resolution

Our team has a long track record of successfully resolving cases outside of the courtroom. This includes some of the most significant dollar resolutions in Washington State.

Meet the Lether & Associates Crew

Lether & Associates is a small family of dynamic and aggressive attorneys. We embody the term “boutique law firm.” We are a specialty practice focusing on complex insurance coverage matters, significant construction defect claims, commercial litigation significant injury, professional liability and alternative dispute resolution.

We represent a number of Local, National, and International insurers, major corporations, construction firms, property managers, and individuals. Our property litigation practice has successfully represented clients in multiple million-dollar public work claims involving everything from reservoir failures to bridge collapses. We specialize in construction defect coverage analysis and litigation. We have represented multiple insurers in condominium and multiple habitational losses, significant fire losses, fraud claims, issues of subrogation, natural disaster claims, and extra-contractual litigation. We have taken some of the most significant bad faith and coverage cases in the State of Washington to trial. Our injury group has handled a number of death and cataclysmic injury claims.

Our territory includes Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, Hawaii, the Western United States, Canada and the Pacific Rim.  We have attorneys licensed in all Federal and State courts in both Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Alaska, as well as the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. We have handled cases as far east as Florida and as far west as Guam.

A listing of specific cases, clients and references is available upon request.

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Oregon’s Latest Take On Stipulated Judgments

On November 19, 2015, the Oregon Supreme Court overturned longstanding Oregon caselaw and held that a covenant not to execute in exchange for an assignment of rights does not automatically extinguish an insurer’s liability for a stipulated judgment.

Washington Court’s Most Recent Analysis on “Arising Out Of” Language in the Context of UIM Claims

The case specifically involved questions of whether there was underinsured motorist (“UIM”) coverage for an injury to an insured pedestrian resulting from the intentional firing of a gun from an uninsured pickup truck. In the decision, the Supreme Court addressed two certified questions from the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington. These specific questions involve whether the subject injury arose out of the use of the motor vehicle and whether the shooter’s intent was material.

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